GreenLabs Certification

One way you can help the University’s Science community reduce the environmental impact of our research is to become ‘GreenLab’ certified.

GreenLabs Certification Benefits
  • Receive GreenLabs sign, electrical timers, and other resources to decrease the lab’s carbon footprintScreen Shot 2016-08-15 at 9.58.25 PM
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and overall environmental impact
  • Many sustainable practices prolong equipment life and decrease purchasing costs
  • Save campus resources and money
  • Upgrade inefficient lab equipment and techniques
  • Raise awareness about the large resource footprint of laboratories
  • Be recognized for sustainability efforts, thereby promoting GreenLabs practices among other laboratories and the UChicago science community
  • Take pride in playing a role in one of the most important challenges of our generation
To become a GreenLab, simply follow these steps.
  1. Select a representative from the lab to be the ‘EcoLeader’; that is, the person who is most passionate about improving the lab’s sustainability practices and the point of contact for issues related to the GreenLabs program. The EcoLeader can be anyone in the lab, including the lab manager, a graduate student, or the PI. Typically, it is easiest if the EcoLeader is involved in purchasing. Once an EcoLeader has been selected, please email with your lab name and the number of individuals in your lab to declare interest in becoming certified.
  2. GreenLabs certification is currently being updated, so just let us know that you are interested, and we will keep you on the list for the next round of certifications!